Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Trying Something New

Last night, as my mind raced while I tried to fall asleep, I thought of about 20 different things.  A sampling:

- How guilty I still felt about not being able to breastfeed (nearly 8 months later)
- Will Sabrina ever get teeth?
- Is the dog mad at me?  She hasn't come up to lay with me in bed the past few nights.
- Will I get the new position that I applied for at work?
- I wonder if I should do french manicure or pick a color for my birthday mani/pedi from my hubby?

Somewhere amongst those many thoughts, I decided that maybe I should do like so many others and give blogging a try.  If my brain is on overdrive thinking of so many things, big and small, I'm sure others are too, and I would like to come together (in cyberspace anyway) and share ideas, commiserate on the bad days, rejoice on the good days, and realize that we are not alone.

So here I am.  I have no idea what shape this blog will take, or if anyone will even read it, but I'm here to give it a try.  Tired Mamas unite.  :)

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