Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tired Tuesday

It's only Tuesday and I must admit I'm already tired. It's been a busy week for me at work, and lately coming home after work entails chasing after a child who is trying to break the world record for fastest crawler, and then I collapse into my recliner (or better yet, my bed!) to spend some QT with the hubby. Wash, rinse, repeat. I said my life was ordinary, remember?  I love every minute of it, but some days, like today, I am in a bit of a fog. 

I can't explain the way I feel when someone tells me that they are enjoying reading my blog. I feel so honored that people take a few moments out of their busy lives to read my stories, my thoughts, my experiences. However, several of my friends made it a point to say that they enjoy my blog "even though they aren't a mother themselves".

I need to take a moment on this Tired Tuesday to apologize if I have written this blog one dimensionally, that is to say only for mothers. I in no way intend to exclude non-mothers from this blog and the conversations that go along with it. After all, it takes a village to raise a child. Everyone has had a special place in a child's life, whether as an aunt or an uncle, a neighbor, a fellow churchgoer, or a friend who becomes like family. In those moments, you become like a mother (or father) to that child. 

I want to honor those special relationships tonight. Those that may not be parental, but rather a purposeful relationship forged out of love and affection. A child can never have too much love. 

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