Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mama Time!

As I type this, I am sitting at my favorite local spa, my feet soaking in hot, bubbly water. My hubby got me a mani/pedi for my birthday, which was earlier this week, so I am taking advantage and using it today. But I am struggling to not feel guilty for taking time on a weekend day, one of the few days in the week that I can spend with Sabrina, to do something for myself. 

But I am going to sip my Dunkin Donuts coffee and savor some time to myself, which is a rare commodity in a house with a husband, an 8 month old, a teenager, and a dog.  I still feel pangs of guilt, but I know Sabrina is home playing happily with her daddy, probably not really noticing that mommy isn't there.

So I'm off to savor the mama time.  Tired mamas, unite... And find time to enjoy a few mama moments today, even if it's hiding in the bathroom eating a cookie! 

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