Friday, July 18, 2014

Obsession with Perfection

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For my Friday post, I want to change gears a bit from my background and my story to talk about an ideal that we all face, but especially modern mothers.  The notion of perfection.

Throughout our lives, we strive for perfection.  We experience it as children.  "Make sure you don't color outside the lines!"  We experience it in school, wanting to get good grades so we can go to a good college and make lots of money as adults.  What perfection is and what it looks like changes as we age, but the underlying idea is always there.

I think that as mothers, we put extreme pressure on ourselves to be perfect.  Perfect mothers, perfect wives, perfect employees.  Have the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect job.  Cook perfect, homemade meals with perfect, decadent homemade desserts.  All healthy and calorie free, of course, and maybe even organic to boot!

But the truth is, do our little ones care about perfection?  No.  Do they care how much money we make, or how big our house is?  Do they care what kind of car drives them to and from daycare or Target or school or church?  No.  Kids care about love and time and attention.  They want mommy to read to them, or take them for a walk, or to snuggle on the couch together while watching Mickey Mouse.  

So does that mean that we working mothers can quit our jobs and let our houses be in disarray, because our kids don't care about these things?  Of course not.  Like so much with motherhood, it's all about finding a balance.  Spending less time worrying about the house looking perfect or working less overtime at work.  Making it a priority to spend time with our little ones while they are still little, while still finding time for the inevitable obligations and chores that come our way.

Nothing I say here is new or original.  It's very easy to say, and maybe not always as easy to do.  We feel the pressures of the idea of perfection in our everyday lives- bosses expectations, seeing others who may have more than we do.  We must strive to be happy with what we do have, realizing it is okay to want more, but to not let that take away from the blessings that are already in front of us.

So on this happy Friday, I challenge all of us Tired, Happy Mamas to spend our weekend not striving for perfection, but rather, enjoying the happiness that can come from imperfection.  Time spent loving those around us, taking advantage of the fleeting summer days, maybe by going swimming together, or running through a sprinkler, or even just taking a walk.  Be yourself this weekend, and love your life, imperfect though it may be.

Tired Mamas, Unite :)

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