Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Maybe you've noticed that I've been absent from blogging for the past few days. The fam and I are on vacation in my hometown of Pittsburgh. This is Sabrina's first real vacation, and the first time meeting many friends and family here in the Burgh. She was baptized on Sunday, and we've spent the last 2 days playing tourists in Pittsburgh, eating on the North Shore, where the Pirates and Steelers play, walking along the river downtown, shopping and eating lunch at the Waterfront, in Pittsburgh's Homestead area.  

My love of Pittsburgh is well documented. I've been a Burgh girl from day 1, loving my hometown sports teams, loving my alma mater Duquesne, in the heart of downtown.  So most of you who know me are probably wondering how in the world I ended up living in a small town in Upstate New York. 

I got married to my college sweetheart in 2006, while he was in medical school. His last 2 years of medical school were in Binghamton, NY. Through a series of unhappy events, we ended up divorced and I living in NY, trying desperately to find my place in life. I took MANY wrong turns in my life so far. 

But for those that are religious, we believe that God always has a purpose and a plan for us, even in our darkest days when we don't see where our lives are heading. For those that are not religious, the belief still exists for many that everything happens for a reason. Fate was waiting for me when I wasn't even looking, and it was waiting in Johnson City, NY. I started a new job in the fall of 2011, hoping to establish a career in healthcare. In doing so, I met the other half of my soul, the person I am 100% sure I was meant to be with, my wonderful husband Chris. 

So through all the twists and turns and boneheaded decisions that I may have made, it led me exactly where I was supposed to be, in order to meet the love of my life. We have a beautiful daughter together now, in addition to his daughter Olivia, and we are a happy, loving family. 

I trust God to lead me on the right path in life. Even when no one, including even myself, could understand the decisions I was making, He led me exactly where I needed to be. Chris and I hope that in a few years, we can bring our lives back to the city of my birth, the common bond that brought us together, first as friends and then as husband and wife, Pittsburgh.  I miss it everyday, but I am blessed with the most wonderful family that makes being away from home worth it. So we will enjoy our time here while we can and always make sure to come back to our true home, hopefully one day for good. 

Lastly, to anyone that might feel lost, or who might be questioning their path in life, sometimes you just have to hang on a little longer.  Life sometimes gives you what you need when you are least expecting it. A few years ago, I never would have pictured a life this wonderful for myself.  You never know what's just around the bend. :)

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